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见证 “过去几年里,特别荣幸能够和作为Seaspan高级电器工程师的Li (Andrew)一起工作。Li学识渊博,完成任务过程中非常勤奋和负责。而且他低调谦和,个性中有着令人尊敬的人性关怀。”

专业工程师Steve Colaco

”Li (Andrew)是个负责和知识丰富的人。我非常有幸和他一起工作多年。他待人友好,乐于助人,总是想着别人的利益。我相信他的能力和愿意帮人的心能让他成为一个最成功的房地产经纪之一。”

专业工程师Mindy Xu

“Li (Andrew) Han is a responsible and knowledgeable person.

I was very fortunate to have worked with him for several years. He was friendly, helpful and always kept other people’s interest in mind. I am confident that his capability and willingness of helping others will enable him to be one of the top successful realtor agents.”

Mindy Xu, P.Eng

“Over the last few years I have had the distinct privilege to work with Li (Andrew) Han in his capacity as Senior Electrical Engineer at Seaspan.

Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and has always proven himself to be diligent and very responsible in the execution of his duties. Moreover, despite his quiet demeanour Andrew has an admirable humanitarian aspect to his personality.”

Steve,Colaco, P.Eng

“我推荐Li (Andrew)做你的房地产经纪。我认识他五年多了,也和他在一家工程咨询公司共事过一年多。我能保证他是个可以依靠的值得信赖和负责任的人。如果你想知道得更详细或者进一步了解,可以直接和我联系。”

专业工程师Jean-Francois Harvy

“I would like to recommend Li (Andrew) Han as your Realtor.

I have known Andrew for over five years, and worked with him for more than one year in the Consulting Engineering business. I can assure you that he is a trustworthy and responsible person that you can really depend on. If you would like to receive more details or discuss further, you can contact me directly.”

Jean-François Harvey, P.Eng

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